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Djakarta Warehouse Project 2011

D. SUPER MILD DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT (DWP), the annual festival of dance music from Ismaya Group, back again in the third year and will become the biggest dance music festival in Jakarta this year.

D. SUPER MILD DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT 2011 will be held within two (2) stage, Tennis Indoor and Outdoor Senayan, on Friday, December 9, 2011. The event will feature nine international artists and 30 best electronic artists in Indonesia and several other performances are supported with spectacular decorations accompanied by music and the production of a quality sound system.

D. SUPER MILD DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT this year will be more modern with a touch of digital technology with the theme of futuristic so as to give the best impression for visitors and will feature several DJs Best International with a variety of different types of music such as electronic, house, trance, until hip-hop and R & B of which:
  1. Bob Sinclar, French legendary DJ and producer who managed to penetrate the international market with several hits singles, one of which is "Love Generation".
  2. Jazzy Jeff, American hip-hop legend and Grammy Award winner, who had collaborated with Will Smith under the banner of "DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince". Jazzy Jeff is also an R & B record producer, DJ, and actor.
  3. Roger Sanchez, DJ House Music of America, Grammy Award winner, and DJ at number 60 in the poll DJ Magazine's Top 100 of 2009.
  4. LADYTRON (Live), pioneers of electronic pop music from the UK and regarded as "The best of Classic pop music" by the legendary musician Brian Eno (Coldplay producer).
  5. Chuckie, Dirty Dutch House pioneers, who finished # 32 in the list of the best international DJs.
  6. COSMIC GATE, DJ at number 24 in the poll DJ Magazine's Top 100 of 2010.
  7. EMMA Hewitt (Live), "the queen of trance music LIVE".
  8. Moonlight Matters, which is under the label Kitsune, one newcomer DJs in the music world.
  9. Japanese CYBERJAPAN Pole Dancers who are gifted and always attract attention.
D. SUPER MILD DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT offers a festival of dance music with a unique atmosphere. Visitors can feel the atmosphere of a rave party without forgetting the super-club facilities such as comfortable as food booths, full bars, VIP sofa, medical room, toilets, and some interactive games that will be provided throughout the event at the venue. Food Booth will provide the best menus from Pizza e Birra and Ismaya Catering, while the facility is also provided a full bar and beer garden. TICKET INFORMATION WAREHOUSE PROJECT DJAKARTA 2011

Will begin on October 26, 2011 through ticket box outlets and online.

Ticket prices:
Presale (limited supply) Rp. 275.000, -
Normal Rp. 350.000, -

Place the official ticket sales (Ticket Box):

Pizza e Birra Plaza Indonesia
Sushigroove Pondok Indah Mall 2
Blowfish / Puro

Sushigroove Paris Van Java


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Palem Cafe

Palm Cafe is back in the year 2011, precisely in October 2011 in Central Park. Palm Cafe, located on the 1st floor of Sogo Department Store.

Central Park location was chosen because it is a primary objective for shopping, entertainment and lifestyles. As a destination restaurant customers who visited after shopping at Sogo Department Store. With the concept of a more elegant, relaxed, warm and excellent service from the waiters, making the Palm Café as a place that has always wanted to be visited by visitors loyal Palm Café.

Palm Cafe is now present with a more varied menu with the advanced menu Steak and Pasta. Palm Cafe serves a menu comes with a more appetizing food with a touch of modern penyuguhan of Executive Chef, George Lee, who has long experience in the field of western cuisine.

In Palm café you will be pampered with a tempting menu, such as Beef Tenderloin, Chicken Chop Steak, Salmon Steak, Spagetty Volgole, Katsu Chicken Pasta, Chunky Mushroom Pasta and much more. Steak and Pasta is designed to inform customers about the healthy benefits of western cuisine.

With the new concept and menu of an experienced Chef, Palm Cafe became one of the choices of places to relax while enjoying the taste of quality western cuisine. Palm Cafe is open from 10:00 hours until 22:00 with a price range of Rp 28,000 to Rp 125,000.
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