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"Bumblebee" Hovering in Jakarta

For those who ever watched the Transformers movie, will recall similar figures are identical to the Chevrolet Bumblebee Camaro berkelir yellow. Well, "a robot character 'jovial special nan was now in Jakarta and is owned by Edwin Dhiandro.

"Frankly, at that time (while watching Transformers) have really wanted that Camaro (Bumblebee). Cool and baseball really seen anyone have in here. Enggak him, my father immediately bought the car, very pleased," said Dhiandro.

He was even happier when affix wheels Vellano VST size 24 x (9 + 10) inches successfully transform his favorite car look more unsightly. "I'm a bit confused also looking for wheels that fit and in line with yellow paint. As can be custom Vellano in the colors, finally select that that's all," said Dhiandro, who chose the company of his father.

Vellano is wrapped with Toyo Proxes tires so much lighter than the wheels and tires built Camaro because it is made from 6061 T6 aluminum constructed 3-pieces. Once said Wibowo Santoso from Consort Ban. In fact, the standard 20-inch alloy wheels.

For matters of sewers, Dhiandro utilize artificial devices Borla, United States, which is the latest output. According to him, it make sizable increase traction. Her voice was okay and not noisy.

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